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Business Tax Resolution

Don’t Let the IRS cripple or destroy your business! There IS light at the end of the tunnel

As a small business owner who owes taxes to the IRS, you are not alone. IRS reports indicate there are millions of small businesses and small business owners who are overwhelmed by back tax debts. The consequences of hoping these problems go away on their own can spell disaster for a small business.

A former IRS agent, Tim Bubel, CPA has worked with thousands of business taxpayers. If you need help resolving back tax debt, let Tim Bubel, CPA help you with:

Penalties & Interest
Unsettled back tax debts will only grow exponentially. Your liability could nearly double, putting a huge financial strain on your business. Click Here to learn how Tim Bubel, CPA can help you reduce or eliminate interest and tax penalties.

Tax Liens
In order to collect back taxes The IRS can, and will, place a lien on your property or your business making it difficult to obtain financing or complete critical business transactions. If you are currently dealing with a tax lien, Click Here and learn how Tim Bubel, CPA can help you obtain release of the tax lien.

Bank Account Levy
The IRS can issue a tax levy on your company’s bank account or accounts receivable. These levies allow the IRS to freeze and seize your cash and your revenue, devastating your business. Tim Bubel, CPA can help you get your tax levy lifted. Click Here to find out how.

Payroll Taxes
Owing payroll taxes is generally considered to be the worst type of tax debt problem. Be aware of the 100% Penalty which can hold a business owner personally liable for a portion of the back payroll taxes; exposing your personal assets and bank accounts. Click Here to find out how Tim Bubel, CPA can represent you before the IRS and prevent a delinquent payroll tax problem from devastating your business.

Now is the time to act. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Your solution to your IRS tax debt burden is a phone call away.

Call Tim Bubel, CPA today at: 214-205-2264 or Click Here to find out how we can help.